Doctor Who: Ghost Stories comic in print!

Ghost Stories #1 print variants

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Titan Comics have announced details of the print version of the digital release, Doctor Who: Ghost Stories.

The title was released digitally on Boxing Day and follows on from the 2016 Doctor Who Christmas Special, The Return of Doctor Mysterio, you can find details of the first issue here and a writer’s commentary here.

Issue one (of four) will be available from April - check out the details and variant artwork below.

Ghost Stories

  • An all-new adventure with the Ghost, Lucy, and the Doctor. What part of the Ghost’s secret origin returns to threaten the universe?
  • A death-defying journey through time and space with a superpowered family in tow. It’s Doctor Who meets The Incredibles!
  • And a superhero needs... a super-villain! Meet the Ghost’s dark shadow, the Smoke!
  • Four-part miniseries written by George Mann (author of the War Doctor novel, "Engines Of War), with art by Ivan Rodriguez (Supremacy of the Cybermen), Dennis Calero (Assassin’s Creed: Templars), and Pasquale Qualano (Torchwood*)!

alt text Cover by Mariano Laclaustra

alt text Cover by Simon Myers

alt text Cover by Antonio Fuso

alt text Cover by Luis Guerrero

Doctor Who: Ghost Stories #1 is available from April 5, 2017, click here to pre-order