Doctor Who


The Happiness Patrol

Written by Graham Curry
Story 149 | Season 25

Doctor Who
Episode TitlePremiere Date
Part 102/11/1988
Part 209/11/1988
Part 316/11/1988

On the planet Terra Alpha, bright fluorescent lights and garish candy-striped colors abound. The population constantly displays happy smiles. There's no sadness on Terra Alpha. Anyone feeling remotely glum disappears. Quickly. Having heard disturbing rumors, the Doctor and Ace arrive to topple the entire regime overnight. But they haven't reckoned upon the varied punitive measures enforced by colony leader Helen A. There are many delicious ways in which to vanish on Terra Alpha: you can be hunted down by the omnipresent Happiness Patrol or mauled by Helen A's ravenous pet Fifi. But those especially unlucky few will find themselves entertained in the sweetie factory manned by Helen A's psychotic henchman - the Kandy Man. This time, happiness will prevail...


The Kandy Man Vs. The Doctor & Ace

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