Doctor Who


The Family of Blood

Written by Paul Cornell
Story 185 | Series 3

Doctor Who Series 3
Episode TitlePremiere Date
Human Nature26/05/2007
The Family of Blood02/06/2007

The sinister Family search for the Doctor, while he struggles to come to terms with his destiny. Meanwhile, the women in his life are forced to take desperate measures to save history.

He's ancient and forever. He burns at the centre of time and he can see the turn of the universe.

Tim Latimer


The Fury Of The Time Lord


The Doctor/John SmithDavid Tennant
Martha JonesFreema Agyeman
Joan RedfernJessica Hynes
Jenny/Mother of MineRebekah Staton
Tim LatimerThomas Sangster
Jeremy Baines/Son of MineHarry Lloyd
HutchinsonTom Palmer
Mr Clark/Father of MineGerard Horan
Lucy Cartwright/Sister of MineLauren Wilson
RocastlePip Torrens
DirectorCharles Palmer
WriterPaul Cornell
ProducerSusie Liggat
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