Doctor Who

As we bid a fond farewell to Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, and the Doctor is granted a whole new cycle of regenerations by the Time Lords, we look back at the Doctor's first thirteen regenerations.

The First Doctor regenerates

The Tenth Planet (1966)

While fighting the Cybermen, the Doctor has appeared increasingly old and frail, telling Polly that his “old body” is “wearing a bit thin”. With the threat from Mondas foiled, the Doctor demands they return to the TARDIS without saying goodbye. Inside, the controls operate of their own accord and the central column begins to rise and fall. As the TARDIS engines roar, the Doctor collapses…

The Second Doctor regenerates

The War Games (1969)

The Doctor has summoned his own mighty race – the Time Lords – to help return the combatants of the War Games to their homes. However, the Doctor, a renegade and a runaway, has broken the Time Lord laws of non-interference. As sentence is passed, it becomes clear that the Doctor must once again change his appearance…

The Third Doctor regenerates

Planet of the Spiders (1974)

While defeating the Great One and her spiders, the Doctor’s third body becomes riddled with radiation. Weeks pass without Sarah or the Brigadier knowing where he is. Then suddenly, the TARDIS materializes and a dying Doctor topples out...

The Fourth Doctor regenerates

Logopolis (1981)

The mathematicians of Logopolis have long used their great knowledge to vent entropy out of our universe, keeping it alive long past the date of its natural death. With Logopolis damaged by the Master’s interference, the Doctor tries to transmit their computations from Earth, but the Master has other plans. It’s the end, but the moment has been prepared for...

The Fifth Doctor regenerates

Caves of Androzani (1984)

The Doctor and Peri have both become mixed up in a drug-war on Androzani Minor and been fatally poisoned. As the planet erupts in molten mud around them and with only enough antidote to save Peri, the dying Doctor collapses to the TARDIS floor...

The Sixth Doctor regenerates

Time and the Rani (1987)

While in flight, the TARDIS is attacked by energy beams, throwing it off course. As a tractor beam pulls the TARDIS down to the surface of Lakertya where an old enemy is waiting, the Doctor begins to regenerate...

The Seventh Doctor regenerates

Doctor Who: The Movie (1996)

Millennium eve. The Doctor dies on an operating table in San Francisco, after being shot. Tagged as a John Doe and wheeled to the morgue, has the anaesthetic killed the regenerative process?

The Eighth Doctor regenerates

The Night of the Doctor (2013)

Killed in a spaceship crash on the planet Karn, and revived briefly by the Sisterhood, the stricken Eighth Doctor must choose the nature of his future self. Fast or strong? Wise or angry? What will he be now?

The War Doctor regenerates

The War Doctor (John Hurt) regenerates

The Ninth Doctor regenerates

The Parting of the Ways (2005)

Led to the Game Station by a phrase scattered through space and time, Rose looks into the time vortex and becomes the Bad Wolf. She atomises the Daleks, but the power is too much for her. Sacrificing his own life, the Doctor saves Rose, but with every cell in his body dying, the Doctor must regenerate again.

The Tenth Doctor "regenerates"

The Stolen Earth (2008)

Reunited with Rose Tyler, but exterminated by a rogue Dalek, the Tenth Doctor's body begins to glow. Diverting some regenerative energy into his previously-dismembered hand, the Doctor appears to survive unscathed. Only later do we learn that this was indeed a full regeneration, but that the Doctor kept the same face out of vanity!

The Tenth Doctor regenerates (again)

The End of Time (2010)

Having defeated the Time Lords but fatally dosed with radiation, the Tenth Doctor bade farewell to his friends and struggled back to the TARDIS alone. As the Ood sang him to his sleep, the Tenth Doctor spoke his final words.

The Eleventh Doctor regenerates

The Time of the Doctor (2013)

Defending the town of Christmas for hundreds of years, and having run out of regenerations, the Doctor's body approaches its death. With a gift from the Time Lords of a whole new regenerative cycle, the Doctor can fight another day. But first, he must change again...