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The Thirteenth Doctor

Titan Comics has released a two-part Holiday Special for the Thirteenth Doctor, and part one is out now!

Can the Doctor save Christmas? Is Santa a man, a myth, or a Time Lord? Are chimneys bigger on the inside? Find out in this exciting new Thirteenth Doctor comic!

The Thirteenth Doctor Holiday Special - Doctor Who

Created by the stellar sci-fi team of Eisner-nominated writer Jody Houser and Shades of Magic artist Roberta Ingranata, Doctor Who The Thirteenth Doctor: Holiday Special sees the Thirteenth Doctor and her fam saving the universe from the most unlikely of villains… has an exclusive look at one of the pages from this festive special.

The Thirteenth Doctor exclusive panel

Following on the story from the Thirteenth Doctor’s Free Comic Book Day 2019 adventure, the Time Lord and co visit an inter-galactic fair for some down time, only to realise that things aren't all as they seem. Both their minds and the Tardis's logs have been tampered with! In a bid to discover just what in Gallifrey's name is going on, they encounter a mysterious festive figure involved in an audacious plot.

The Thirteenth Doctor Holiday Special #1 is on sale from November 13th and #2 will be in shops from December 18th.

The first issue, available now, has three collectible covers, with Claudia Caranfa designing beautiful artwork and Blair Shedd designing the Thirteenth Doctor as an action figure.

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And don’t forget that the Thirteenth Doctor will be joined by the Tenth Doctor in the second season of comics from Titan, with issue 1 available for pre-order. You can read more here

If you’re in the US or Canada you can find your local shop by visiting Comic Shop Locator and for the UK and Europe you can head here. Digital copies are also available here.

You can buy or order Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Holiday Special at your local comic shop, or order digital copies now. Visit Titan Comics for more information.