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Doctor Who and the 'Toilet Agenda' of Series 10

By Cameron K McEwan on Friday 4 August 2017

Doctor Who Series 10 may be over but we here at have been watching it on repeat since its release on DVD and Blu-ray.

PLEASE NOTE: This article includes SPOILERS for Doctor Who Series 10!

The adventures of the Twelfth Doctor, Bill and Nardole have proved to be one of the most popular series with Whovians.

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But we noticed something rather odd during our 507th rewatch – have you spotted just how many references to toilets there are in Series 10?

We’re not joking, there’s a lot!

So please relax, take a seat and enjoy ‘Doctor Who and the Toilet Agenda of Series 10’!

The Pilot

The Pilot

The opening episode shows us an actual, factual toilet, located in Bill Potts’ bathroom (pictured above). Unfortunately, the new companion discovered something rather unsettling hiding in her shower…

Soon after, she found herself aboard the TARDIS for the first time but, after a “fright”, Bill needed to use the toilet. We discovered it was located: “down there, first right, second left, past the macaroon dispenser.”

The Pilot

And, to complete the toilet triumvirate, when the Doctor, Bill and Nardole made a pit-stop in Australia, the new companion had to take a moment in a nearby restroom.

We don’t glimpse a loo but we do see some cubicles, and that’s good enough for us.



Just the second episode in and there’s another toilet-based convo! Upon meeting the Vardy, the Doctor informs Bill that they use the “nervous system as hardware”.

But this proved vexing for the Time Lord’s new traveling buddy, she asks:

“Hang on, is there a mute button though? What if you're in the loo?”

To which the Doctor replied:

“Who needs loos? There's probably an app for that.”

Maybe in the future they have an iPoo?

Thin Ice

Thin Ice

Three in a row! Popping back to 1814 London, the duo uncovered a gargantuan fish producing fuel suitable for interstellar travel.

But exactly what was its fuel?

Whilst the word “excrement” isn’t actually spoken, the Doctor euphemistically compares it to mud, adding: “The creature's head is almost a mile away. I assume we're now at the other end.”

Thin Ice

We think Bill’s reaction upon sniffing the fuel brick says it all.

And we wonder what Bill was going to say when she was told the fuel burns under water? We heard, “No sh–,“ but her sentence didn’t get finished. Hmm…



Toilet trouble here as Team TARDIS bump into a bunch of space zombies.

“Going to space is exactly like camping,” boasts the Doctor to Bill as they prepare to embark on their first outer-space outing. Illustrating to Bill what space really feels like, the Time Lord suggests they need to discover the “space equivalent of a wafer-thin sleeping bag and a leaky two-man tent.”

The Doctor doesn’t quite understand his new pal when she amusingly asks for a review of this “campsite”; to elucidate, Bill explains:

“You know, like for restaurants. Waiter was a bit handsy, lasagne gave me the trots*. Two stars.”

(*The “trots”, for those who are not aware, is the result or evidence of an upset stomach.)

Finishing off the metaphor, the Doctor chooses another destination on the TARDIS scanner and states:

“Ah, yes, well, possibly we could go there, pitch our tent next to the toilet block. How about something a bit more exciting?”

But, we ask, what could be more exciting than a toilet block?



Back to Bill’s place and she’s on a date with Penny; almost straight away she’s heading for the toilet. “Loo's through there,” Bill instructs

Of course, this toilet may have been part of a computer-generated program, so maybe we shouldn’t count this one…?

The Eaters Of Light

The Eaters Of Light

Warrior Kar tells the Doctor all about what Romans did for them; including robbing their world, slaughter and slavery. With his usual tact, the Time Lord retorts:

> “Yeah, but you've got to love the indoor toilets, yeah?”

Gallifreyans always see the positive in a bad situation.

World Enough And Time

World Enough And Time

Speaking of Gallifreyans, the Doctor’s old buddy Missy gets in on some toilety action. Well, a shower at least, she says to blue-skinned Jorj:

“Hurry, my stallion! And, if I'm in the shower, just bring me some beans on toast.”

We assume she isn’t going to eat whilst in the shower, or would she? Oh well, I guess we’ll never know…

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