Doctor Who

2013 - a year in Doctor Who


The Month of the Doctor began with the Doctor seemingly reversing his views on social media, and asking the universe to #savetheday with him. #Hashtags!

#savetheday TARDIS site

"Why don’t we get Paul McGann in and regenerate him into John Hurt? I’d like to see that!" recalls Steven Moffat. And so he did - blowing fans' minds and linking the classic series to the new - in dramatic mini-episode The Night of the Doctor:

As the number of broadcasters and cinemas around the world screening the episode swelled, the BBC released the first clip-based trails for The Day of the Doctor:

As the Week of the Doctor dawned, An Adventure in Space and Time was broadcast. The moving tale of Doctor Who's genesis managed an impossible feat at the London press screening - it received a standing ovation (and a fair few teary-eyes) from a room full of hardened journalists!

And the official Doctor Who Facebook page got into the spirit, by offering you the chance to put your face into the show's iconic title sequence, to share with your friends (and you still can!):

Then suddenly, it was 23 November 2013.

In London, the Doctor Who Celebration weekend was well underway, with appearances from Matt Smith, Steven Moffat, Tom Baker, Peter Davison and a host of other Doctors, companions plus cast and crew from 50 years.

Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Matt Smith at the Doctor Who Celebration

While in the US, BBC America staged a live YouTube show, and around the globe fans held parties of their own celebrating 50 years of travels in space and time. Oh, and we got an awesome Google Doodle.

At 5.16, we celebrated the original transmission:

Then we settled down to watch The Day of the Doctor - an episode full of extraordinary surprises. Surprises like.... the sudden appearance of a pair of very new eyes:

The regeneration of the War Doctor:

Doctor Who Official on Tumblr

And the return of an old face:

Finally, as the world dabbed their eyes in unison, the Doctor found a new destination for his travels:

The following day, Guinness World Records confirmed that The Day of the Doctor had been the largest ever simulcast of a TV drama, and was a world record winner. In the end, 98 countries screened the episode simultaneously on TV, with millions tuning in, catching up online or seeing it in the cinema.

Meanwhile, the winner of the Funniest Doctor Who Thing Ever Award was announced - it was The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, starring Messers Davison, Baker and McCoy trying to break into the set of the 50th. And if you haven't watched it, stop everything and do it now:


After a brief snooze in a darkened Zero Room, it was time to bid farewell to Matt Smith. The Christmas Special quickly gained a title and an iconic image.

With Matt Smith promising to go out "with a bang", and Steven Moffatt guaranteeing a "pay off" to some of the loose ends of Matt's era, The Time of the Doctor was as eagerly anticipated as the 50th, and it didn't disappoint.

The Eleventh Doctor gains a new cycle of regenerations

Back in the TARDIS, with Clara looking on, and having witnessed a vision of Amy Pond, the Eleventh Doctor bowed out in spectacular fashion:

And that, was that.

But to paraphrase Ood Sigma; that song may have ended, but the story never ends...

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