Your February fix of Doctor Who memorabilia

Get a medley of the Master, re-visit The Stolen Earth or capture your very own Reaper? The possibilities are endless.

Every month Hero Collector release a whole array of Doctor Who figurines, collectibles, pins, t-shirts and more… enough to fill an entire TARDIS! Here’s a round-up of what’s coming this month.

You can get all of these figurines, badges and art prints from Hero Collector’s Doctor Who shop here.

Pin a Doctor… any Doctor!

A new wave of classic Doctor designs are available a in a cute-and-compact chibi-style with Hero Collector’s Doctor Who Pin Badges. This set includes the First Doctor piloting a Dalek shell, the Second Doctor with his recorder, the Third Doctor driving his car Bessie, the Fourth Doctor with his famous scarf, the Fifth Doctor gearing up for a game of cricket, the Sixth Doctor in his garish rainbow outfit, and the Seventh Doctor with his classic question mark umbrella.

The high-quality metal pin badges are a perfect complement to any outfit – even better than a stick of decorative celery! You can grab them individually, or in a full box set.

Get Chibi Pin Badges – Classic Doctor Wave Two here

A Medley of Modern Masters

Like the Doctor, the Master has had many faces throughout the years. This box set collects the Master’s most infamous incarnations from the modern Doctor Who series, as 1:21 scale hand-painted figurines (roughly 3.5” tall).

Derek Jacobi brought the Master back as the seemingly innocent “Professor Yana” (2007), before regenerating into the manic Prime Minister Saxon portrayed by John Simm (2007-2010, 2017). Michelle Gomez’ mocking and mercurial “Missy” worked with and against the Twelfth Doctor (2014-2017), and Sacha Dhawan’s vengeful, murderous spymaster brought Gallifrey to its knees (2020).

Get The Modern Master Box Set here

A winged Reaper!

Winged gargoyle creatures, the Reapers lived in the Time Vortex and survived as temporal predators, feasting on paradoxes like bacteria taking advantage of a wound. When Rose Tyler went back in time to save her father's life, the Reapers descended to feed – and were banished only when the timestream returned to its normal state.

This figurine is over 8.5” tall and 6” long, accounting for the Reaper’s scythe-like tail.

Get the Doctor Who Figurine Special #25 – Reaper here

A set of Daleks from the Dark Times….

As war rages across time and space, the Daleks return to the cosmos – led by the genius of their battleworn Strategists, and enforced by the terrifying firepower of the Dalek Executioner! The accompanying magazine in this two-figurine box set includes an exclusive story from the Time Lord Victorious crossover saga.

Get the Time Lord Victorious #3 – Dalek Executioner and Dalek Strategist here

Revisit The Stolen Earth

This t-shirt from film poster illustrator Joshua Budich commemorates the series 4 finale The Stolen Earth. This adventure saw the Earth spirited away to the Medusa Cascade – at the hands of Dalek mastermind Davros!

The stylish design depicts an Dalek, looming over Earth with a fleet of Dalek saucers – and is also available as a print.

Get The Stolen Earth t-shirt here

You can get all of these figurines, badges and art prints from Hero Collector’s Doctor Who shop here.

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