What we know about the Fugitive Doctor

Bursting onto our screens, and into our hearts, in Fugitive of the Judoon, this new Doctor was shrouded in mystery. How come the Thirteenth Doctor couldn’t remember her? Why did she bury her TARDIS? Why was she working for the Division?

While we still don't have all the answers about the Fugitive Doctor, here's everything we do know...

In Hiding
Fugitive of the Judoon

When we first met the Fugitive Doctor, she was hiding out as Ruth Clayton, a tour guide living in Gloucester. Using a Chameleon Arch, she’d re-written her DNA to appear human, and buried her TARDIS. Why? To hide from the Division, her former employers, who hired the Judoon to track her down.

Helping ‘Ruth’ was a man called Lee, someone about who we know even less about than the Fugitive Doctor. Whoever Lee truly was, he was totally loyal to the Fugitive Doctor, helping to hide her. But with the arrival of the Judoon, as well as the Thirteenth Doctor and her fam, the Fugitive Doctor’s secret couldn’t be kept for much longer. The Doctor and ‘Ruth’ went to a lighthouse, which Ruth remembered going to as a child.

What they discovered there was a massive shock, not only for the Doctor but also for all of us at home as well!

Breaking the Matrix
The Timeless Children

The Fugitive Doctor’s next appearance wasn’t in person, but as a projection of the Matrix, the vast database that contained all the knowledge of the Time Lords. The Doctor had been trapped in the Matrix by the Master, taunting her with the truth of the Timeless Child. With the Master leading his new CyberMasters off to conquer the universe, the Doctor needed to break out!

A projection of the Fugitive Doctor appeared to help the Doctor, reminding her that the Doctor’s past had never defined them before, and to focus on the present!

On Duty
Once, Upon Time

To escape the Ravagers in the Temple of Atropos, the Doctor threw herself and her friends into their own time-streams. While the Doctor ended up reliving one of her memories, it was a particularly curious memory as the Doctor didn’t remember it! The reason? It was from the life of the Fugitive Doctor, whose life the Doctor had no memory of.

She was leading a Division strike team to reclaim the Temple of Atropos from the Ravagers (turns out they love attacking that place). Yet, the Fugitive Doctor was able to see the Thirteenth Doctor in her reflection, and they were able to talk to each other. While we didn’t learn much about the Fugitive Doctor, we saw that like future Doctor, she used her enemies egos and tactics against them. She’d hidden the Mouri, the temple’s guardians, in one of the Ravager’s Passengers, and restored the Mouri to their rightful position.

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