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“We wanted to make a series that was very inclusive” – Jodie Whittaker on her debut series

By Christel Dee

Jodie Whittaker, who will debut as the Thirteenth Doctor in less than 3 weeks time, has revealed more details on the upcoming series all in a brand new interview:

Why should viewers tune in this series?

“If you’ve never seen the show before this is a great season to start with. It doesn’t need an encyclopedic knowledge of Doctor Who to get into it.

The show has a very rich history of about 55 years. The wonderful thing about this is every time there’s new cast members, and new Doctors or new companions, the show is regenerated in a literal sense with the character. New energy is brought into it.

We wanted to make a series that was very inclusive because for people like me, we’re all very new Whovians as well. We’re introduced into this world as new fans will be on this season.”

What do fans have to look forward to this series?

“If you’re a fan of the show already, it’s got everything you expect. It’s got new monsters, it’s got fantastic new worlds. It’s also got worlds that we’re familiar with, but are maybe seen from different points of view. It honours everything that has gone before, but it then has a different burst of energy with all the new cast members. Doctor Who is for everyone and anyone.”

What journey do the characters go on this series?

“This season is ten stand­alone episodes so you have contained storylines within every episode. So you have a huge series character arc for many of the characters. But if you come in at episode five, you’ll get a stand-alone story which feels like a film, and which stands up amongst all the television that’s available to anyone now.”

What themes do you think are important this series?

“Friendship and loyalty and survival. All things that are very human, interlaced with things that are very far from human and familiar. It’s a very inclusive world.

When I watch TV and film I want to feel engrossed and excited, particularly in this world and genre. Doctor Who in itself is its own genre. I suppose you want it to feel like a roller coaster ride!”

The new series of Doctor Who, starring Jodie Whittaker, launches on Sunday 7th October. Release date varies by country - check local listings.

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