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By Paul Lang

You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family, as the saying goes. Some of the unfortunate bunch the Doctor has met over the millennia would certainly pick different nearest and dearest if they could.


Za and Old Mother


An Unearthly Child (1963)

Life was tough in 100,000 BC for caveman Za when his dad got himself killed before passing on the secret of how to make fire. His old mother, the aptly-named Old Mother, wasn’t much help – she thought fire was too dangerous. Chuck the Doctor and his pals into the mix and there was definitely no smoke without fire. The family feud got so nasty that Za ended up knocking his old Ma unconscious. There was no happy ending for them, either – Old Mother perished when Za’s rival, Kai, bashed her with a rock.


eileen way as old mother.
Eileen way as Old Mother.

The Saxons


The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords (2007), The End of Time (2009-2010)

Sweet Lucy Cole no doubt thought she was onto a good thing when handsome politician Harold Saxon took a shine to her. Theirs was no ordinary marriage, though. Early on, Harold took Lucy on a romantic trip to the very end of the universe, and her head was scrambled by the bleakness of what she saw there. Harold, of course, wasn’t a human Prime Minister at all – he was the Master, the Doctor’s oldest Time Lord enemy. Broken Lucy showed no emotion when she eventually gunned down her husband on the deck of the Valiant.

当帅气政治家Harold Saxon对可爱的Lucy Cole表露好感的时候,她一定觉得自己走桃花运了,不过他们之间的婚姻并不平凡。早些时候,Harold带着Lucy前往宇宙尽头享受一场浪漫的旅行,她被自己所看到的未来世界的荒芜所震惊。Harold当然不是什么人类首相,他是法师,博士同族最古老的宿敌。最终心碎的Lucy在Valiant号甲板上用枪射击了她丈夫,面无表情。

alexandra moen and lucy and john simm as new prime minister harold saxon as he begins his reign of terror with the announcement of mankinds first contact with an alien race.
Alexandra Moen and Lucy and John Simm as new prime minister Harold Saxon as he begins his reign of terror with the announcement of mankind's first contact with an alien race.

The Cranleighs


Black Orchid (1982)

Botanist George Cranleigh was presumed dead after an expedition to the Amazon in 1924 went wrong. His younger brother, Charles, wasted no time in proposing to his sibling’s fiancee, Ann Talbot. The cad! Things got complicated when the Doctor, Tegan, Adric and Nyssa arrived at Cranleigh Hall for a party. Nyssa was a dead ringer for Ann, and George wasn’t dead at all – he’d been scarred and driven insane by the Kojabe tribe, and Lady Cranleigh had locked him in the attic to save face. Confused George escaped and ruined his family’s nice tea dance by taking Nyssa hostage. Lady C was devastated that her embarrassment at her son’s predicament ended up causing his death when he fell from the roof.

植物学家George Cranleigh在1924年一次亚马逊探险出事之后被认定已经死亡。他的弟弟Charles在得知消息后,立刻向他兄弟的未婚妻Ann Talbot求婚,这混小子!当博士、Tegan、Adric和Nyssa来到Cranleigh Hall参加聚会的时候,事情就变得复杂了。Nyssa和Ann长得特别像,而George其实也没有死,他被Kojabe部落弄得伤痕累累,精神失常,而Cranleigh夫人为了保全家族的面子,把他锁在阁楼上。神志不清的George逃了出来,把Nyssa掳走,破坏了家庭的友好聚会。Cranleigh夫人陷入混乱,她目睹自己的儿子的困境,情态窘迫,最后导致儿子从房顶上坠落而死。

sarah sutton as ann, barbara murray as lady cranleigh, michael cochraine as lord cranleigh and peter davison as the doctor in the two-part adventure black orchid.
Sarah Sutton as Ann, Barbara Murray as Lady Cranleigh, Michael Cochraine as Lord Cranleigh and Peter Davison as The Doctor in the two-part adventure Black Orchid.

The Naismiths


The End of Time (2009-2010)

Most people are ridiculously pleased with their offspring, but gazillionaire Joshua Naismith took his pride in daughter Abigail one step too far. He used his wealth to buy the Infinity Gate, a device that would make Abigail immortal. Annoyingly, it was slightly banjaxed, and the only person he could find who was qualified to repair it was the Master. Bad move! He double-crossed his wealthy paymaster and used the Gate to transform everyone on Earth – including Joshua and Abigail – into copies of himself. The process was reversed, but the Naismiths ended up in prison for their part in the chaos.

大多数人对他们的子嗣都有种谜之自豪感,可亿万富翁Joshua Naismith以他女儿Abigail为荣也太过分了些。他用自己的财富去购买名为“无限之门”的设施,让Abigail获得永生。气人的是,这玩意儿居然坏掉了,他能找到唯一会修这东西的人就是法师。一步错,步步错,法师欺骗了自己富有的老板,然后利用无限之门把地球上所有的人(包括Joshua和Abigail)都变成了他的复制体。这个计划最后被挫败了,但是Naismith一家因为他们在这段混乱时期中的行为而被送进了监狱。

tracey ifeachor as abigail naismith, david harewood as joshua naismith.
Tracey Ifeachor as Abigail Naismith, David Harewood as Joshua Naismith.

The Sardicks


A Christmas Carol (2010)

The Doctor didn’t get a warm welcome from Kazran Sardick when he fell down his chimney dressed as Santa. Sardick was a rotten old miser, but a film of him as a happy child convinced the Doctor that something must have happened to change the course of his life. The film was taken on the day young Kazran tried to see some skyfish, earning a clout round the head from his father, the equally ‘orrible Elliot, for his trouble. All the Doctor had to do was pop back in time and set the younger Sardick on the path to happiness – easier said than done with a flying sky shark, a crashing spaceship and, worst of all, Kazran’s broken heart all standing in the way.

博士打扮成圣诞老人从烟囱里掉下来的时候,并没有受到Kazran Sardick的热烈欢迎。Sardick是个堕落的老吝啬鬼,但一些关于他快乐童年的影像,让博士确信一定有什么事发生并改变了他的人生。影像拍摄的那天,年轻的Kazran想去看“天鱼”(skyfish),但却因为一些琐事,挨了他可怕的父亲Elliot的一记暴锤。博士要做的就是及时出现,让年轻的Sardick能够走上通往幸福之路。说起来容易、做起来难,摆在他们面前的有一条会飞的天鲨,一艘撞毁的宇宙飞船,还有最糟糕的:Kazran伤痕累累的心。

michael gambon as kazran, laurence belcher as young kazran and matt smith as the eleventh doctor.
Michael Gambon as Kazran, Laurence Belcher as young Kazran and Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor.

The Gillyflowers


The Crimson Horror (2013)

Ada Gillyflower had always been told by her mother, a Victorian chemist named Winifred, that her blindness had been caused by her violent, drunken father. That wasn’t true, but what really happened was also horrific. Winifred was in a symbiotic relationship with a prehistoric leech she called Mr Sweet, and wanted to use his poison to kill everyone on Earth except her chosen few, who would then build a new civilisation. The Doctor, Clara, Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax foiled her plan, and furious Ada refused to forgive her mother as she lay dying. Well, who can blame her?

Ada Gillyflower的母亲是一位维多利亚时代的化学家,名叫Winifred,失明的Ada总是听妈妈说,自己的残疾是她那暴虐、酗酒的父亲造成的。这不是真相,但事情也确实非常可怕。Winifred与一只她称为“甜甜先生”的史前水蛭有着共生关系,她想用他的毒药杀死除了她选出的一些少数之外地球上的所有人,她要建立一个新的文明。博士,Clara,Vastra女士,Jenny和Strax挫败了他的计划。愤怒的Ada拒绝原谅她垂死的母亲,即使是这样,谁又能责怪她呢?

diana rigg as mrs gillyflower.
Diana Rigg as Mrs Gillyflower.

Delta and the Chimeron Princess


Delta and the Bannermen (1987)

The Shangri-La holiday camp in Wales had a very unusual holidaymaker in 1959. Delta, the last of her race, was hiding out there with the only surviving Chimeron egg, which she had to keep safe from a genocidal death squad. The egg hatched, revealing the squidgy, green slime baby within – giving the Doctor’s friend Mel quite a scare. Delta fed the unusual offspring a special jelly to accelerate her growth, and she was soon almost adult-sized. Meanwhile, local lad Billy had taken a shine to Delta, and was also necking the special jelly so he could become a Chimeron, which was a bit of a leap of faith on his part. Luckily it worked – Billy turned slightly green, put on some Chimeron clobber and took off with his new missus to start repopulating the Chimeron homeworld. Eew, icky!


carley joseph as the chimeron princess and belinda mayne and delta.
Carley Joseph as the Chimeron Princess and Belinda Mayne and Delta.

The As


The Happiness Patrol (1988)

Helen A, ruler of Terra Alpha, didn’t seem like a particularly easy woman to live with. For a start, she demanded total happiness from all her subjects on pain of death, and this included her long-suffering husband, Joseph. People on Terra Alpha didn’t have surnames, just letters to show how important they were. Helen was Helen A, but Joseph was only Joseph C, which was quite a gap whichever way you look at it. Joseph seemed loyal enough to his wife, until the Doctor turned up and everything started to go pear-shaped – he was last seen doing a runner in Helen A’s private shuttle accompanied by a gentleman friend, Gilbert M, with whom he presumably lived happily ever after.

Helen A是阿尔法星球的统治者,看起来并不是什么特别好相处的女人。首先,她要求所有在死亡的痛苦阴影下的臣民都要完全幸福,包括她长期受苦的丈夫Joseph。阿尔法星球的人没有姓氏,只用字母来表示他们的重要程度。Helen是Helen A,而Joseph只是Joseph C,不管怎么看这都是相当大的差距。Joseph看起来对他的妻子非常忠诚,直到博士到来,一切都出岔子了。最后一次看到他是在Helen的私人穿梭机上,他和一位绅士伙伴Gilbert M正要逃跑,估计他们最后拥有了幸福的生活。

sheila hancock as helen a and ronald fraser as joseph c.
Sheila Hancock as Helen A and Ronald Fraser as Joseph C.

The Ponds


The Eleventh Hour (2010)–The Angels Take Manhattan (2012)

It’s a tale as old as time – boy meets girl, girl runs off with Time Lord, girl snogs Time Lord, Time Lord bursts out of cake at boy’s stag do, girl and boy travel with Time Lord, boy gets killed by a Silurian and eaten by a crack in time, boy comes back as an Auton and kills girl, boy stands guard over girl while she lies dead in the Pandorica for two thousand years, boy and girl both come back to life and get married, boy and girl travel with Time Lord again, girl gets pregnant, girl gives birth to her own childhood best friend, who then grows up and marries Time Lord, boy and girl nearly get divorced but are kidnapped by Dalek puppets instead, boy and girl jump off a building then, finally, get sent back in time where they live a long and happy life before dying of old age.


karen gillan as amy pond, arthur darvill as rory williams and alex kingston as river song in a good man goes to war (2011).
Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, Arthur Darvill as Rory Williams and Alex Kingston as River Song in A Good Man Goes to War (2011).

Hanne, Erik and Trine

Hanne, Erik和Trine

It Takes You Away (2018)

Soon after arriving in a remote part of Norway, the Doctor, Graham, Yaz and Ryan found a blind teenager called Hanne, who’d been abandoned in a log cabin by her feckless father, Erik. He’d made them up sticks and moved there when his wife Trine had died, and Hanne couldn’t work out why he’d have abandoned her there. Erik had actually travelled through a portal to a parallel universe where his late wife still seemed to be very much alive, and was scared he’d never see her again if he returned to Hanne. The parallel world was the work of the Solitract, a sentient universe trying to assemble a kind of family of its own for company, by offering people the chance to be reunited with versions of their late loved ones. But Hanne wasn’t fooled by the copy once she learnt of her father’s whereabouts – she rejected her “mother” and was sent back to her own universe, while Erik realised the best place for his family was back home, in Oslo.


christian rubeck as erik and lisa stokke as trine.
Christian Rubeck as Erik and Lisa Stokke as Trine.

Family ties


This isn’t a definitive list of the dysfunctional families encountered by the Doctor. Others include:


  • The Slitheen, large, green interplanetary scavengers who took one look at Earth and decided to blow it up for scrap! Read more about their money-grabbing schemes here. (Their slightly orangey cousins, the Blathereen, are worth keeping an eye on as well.) Slitheen家族,绿色的大型食腐外星人,他们瞄准了地球并且想把地球炸成碎片!点击这里可以了解到更多他们攫取钱财的计划。(他们略带橘色的表亲Blathereen也值得关注)
  • The Family of Blood, another lot whose excessive pride in their progeny was their undoing. They planned to steal the Doctor’s powers of regeneration so Son of Mine could live forever. Which he did, sort of – the Doctor left him as a scarecrow, watching over England’s fields for eternity. Find out more about their exploits here. 血之家族,同样是对自己后代过度骄傲的人,这导致了他们的毁灭。他们计划窃取博士的重生能力,这样他们的后代就能长生不老。他们的结局其实也算是某种永生,博士把他做成了稻草人,永远守望着英国的田野。点击这里了解更多他们的“功绩”。
  • Romulus and Remus Sylvest, two brainy space twins who were kidnapped by a giant slug and made to do hard maths. Romulus和Remus Sylvest是一对聪明的空间双胞胎,他们被巨大的鼻涕虫绑架,然后被逼着做困难的数学题。
  • Ace, who took a shine to baby Audrey Dudman when she met her in 1943, only to realise she would grow up into the mother she despised! 1943年Ace遇上还是婴儿的Audrey Dudman时就爱上了她,却发现Audrey长大之后会成为自己所讨厌的母亲!
  • And let’s not forget the Whos, who made their poor son, Doctor, sleep in a barn all on his own when he was little. No wonder he did a bunk! 让我们不要忘记博士一家(Who一家),他们可怜的孩子,博士,在他很小的时候就必须一个人睡在谷仓里,难怪他跑得总是那么快!

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