Thrilling new volume of Doctor Who Comic UK!

By Darren Cooper

Titan Magazines is pleased to announce that the all-new Doctor Who Comic UK Volume 2 #1, on sale 8th October, will feature the Doctor Who: Four Doctors crossover comic strip, the Doctor Who comics event of the year!


A great new adventure starts in Doctor Who Comic UK Volume 2 #1.

What universe-shattering event brings the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors crashing together, fuelled by the actions of a mysterious face from their past? Joined by their loyal companions Gabby, Alice and Clara, can the most recent incarnations of the Time Lord work together to overcome an unexpected foe and keep the laws of time and space intact – or will they be betrayed by one of their own?

As history warps around them and the future looks increasingly uncertain, only three Doctors thinking and working together offer any chance of getting out of this trap alive! If only they didn’t distrust each other on sight!

This epic, world-first adventure is written by Paul Cornell (Doctor Who TV episodes ‘Father’s Day’, ‘Human Nature’ and ‘Family of Blood’, and comics Wolverine, Captain Britain, MI: 13), with astounding art by Neil Edwards (Justice League Unlimited, Amazing Spider-Man, Iron Man) and glorious colours by Ivan Nunes!

The comic also includes amazing humour strips that tie into the main story, written by Paul Cornell and illustrated by fan-favourite humour strip artists Mark Ellerby, Rachael Smith, Colin Bell and Neil Slorance!

  • Perfect jumping-on point for new readers!
  • The first time the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors have ever met!
  • Three chapters of the adventure in one issue, for one low price!

Plus, an amazing competition to win one of five copies of ‘Doom Coalition 1’ box sets from Big Finish – making the Comic an unmissable package for fans of all ages!

Doctor Who Comic UK Volume 2 #1 is on sale 8th October for £3.99 and is available from all good retailers.

To order online or subscribe, visit:

Or set up a standing subscription at your local newsagent – Just ask!

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