The Seeds of Doom, Resurrection of the Daleks and more come to BBC Audio in August and September 2019

This August and September see the release of a range of brand new Doctor Who audiobooks, from lost serials from the TV archive to a brand new Dalek novelisation. Here’s a look at what’s available to buy on CD and download from BBC Audio in August and September 2019:

Terry Molloy reads this brand new novelisation of the classic television adventure featuring the Fifth Doctor.

The TARDIS is ensnared in a time corridor, catapulting it into derelict docklands on 20th century Earth. The Doctor and his companions, Tegan and Turlough, stumble on a warehouse harbouring fugitives from the future at the far end of the corridor – and are soon under attack from a Dalek assault force.

The Doctor’s oldest enemies have set in motion an intricate and sinister plot to resurrect their race from the ashes of an interstellar war. For the Daleks’ plans to succeed, they must set free their creator, Davros, from a galactic prison – and force the Doctor to help them achieve total control over time and space. But the embittered Davros has ideas of his own…

35 years after its first TV transmission, Doctor Who fan-favourite Resurrection of the Daleks is novelised at last, by the author of the original script, Eric Saward.

Terry Molloy, who played Davros in the BBC TV series, reads the novelisation, with Dalek voices by Nicholas Briggs.

Doctor Who: Resurrection of the Daleks is available on Amazon and Audible now.

Steven Pacey reads this suspenseful novelisation of a classic TV adventure for the Fifth Doctor.

When the TARDIS is sabotaged and becomes dimensionally unstable, its internal fabric begins to dissolve, and Nyssa is drawn into a junction with a strangely deserted spacecraft. The Doctor, Tegan and Turlough follow in pursuit, and discover the shocking purpose of Terminus.

The Doctor forms an uneasy alliance with two space pirates, whilst Tegan and Turlough become frighteningly enmeshed in the spaceship's infrastructure. For Nyssa, meanwhile, the nature of a sudden illness which engulfs her will have life changing consequences.

Steven Pacey reads Stephen Gallagher's novelisation of his 1983 TV serial featuring the Fifth Doctor, as played on screen by Peter Davison.

Doctor Who: Terminus is available on Amazon and Audible now.

Four more thrilling soundtrack adventures from the early days of Doctor Who, featuring serials lost from the TV archive.

The pictures may be lost, but each of these stories survives as a soundtrack recording. Remastered and with additional linking narration, they can be enjoyed once more. In The Daleks' Master Plan, the Daleks have stolen the Time Destructor and are threatening to destroy the fabric of time itself. Pursued across time and space, the TARDIS crew are in grave danger. In The Massacre, the TARDIS materialises in Paris, 1572, a time of danger and religious strife. When Steven witnesses an execution, he believes the Doctor has been executed in front of his eyes. In The Celestial Toymaker, the travellers arrive in the domain of the Toymaker, where failure to win a series of games could result in them becoming playthings for eternity. In The Savages, the TARDIS arrives on a distant and seemingly idyllic world, but the Doctor, Steven and Dodo discover that it hides a terrible secret.

Special linking narration is provided by Peter Purves, who also recalls his time making the original episodes in a bonus interview. Also included is an edition of BBC Radio's Archive on 4 from 2009. In 'Doctor Who -- The Lost Episodes' Shaun Ley investigates what happened to the missing episodes of Doctor Who from the 1960s. The CD editions also feature PDF files featuring high quality scans of the original BBC TV camera scripts.

Doctor Who: The Lost TV Episodes - Collection Two is available on Amazon and Audible now.

Michael Kilgarriff reads this thrilling novelisation of a classic TV adventure for the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith.

In the snowy wastes of blizzard-swept Antarctica, a strange pod-like object is unearthed, buried deep in the ice. Curiosity turns to alarm as the pod begins to grow - then horror when suddenly it cracks open and a snaking green tendril shoots out, mercilessly seeking the nearest live victim.

In London, botanical experts are bewildered, and the Doctor is called in to fight this unknown horror. But will he be in time to save Earth from the rapidly spreading tentacles of the Krynoid, giant man-eating monster from an alien world?

Michael Kilgarriff, who played several roles in the BBC TV series, reads Philip Hinchcliffe’s novelisation of the TV serial by Robert Banks Stewart, first published by Target Books in 1977.

Doctor Who and the Seeds of Doom is available on Amazon and Audible now.

Coming in October and November 2019:

  • Doctor Who: The Flight of the Sun God (Sixth Doctor Original), written by Nev Fountain. Read by Nicola Bryant
  • Doctor Who: The Scent of Blood (Eighth Doctor Novelisation), written by Andrew Lane. Read by Dan Starkey
  • Doctor Who: Revelation of the Daleks (Sixth Doctor Novelisation), written by Eric Saward. Read by Terry Molloy with Dalek voices by Nicholas Briggs
  • Doctor Who: The Sinister Sponge & Other Stories (Doctor Who Audio Annual), read by Jon Culshaw; Frazer Hines; Dan Starkey; Louise Jameson; Nicola Bryant

All titles are available from Amazon and Audible in August and September. Check back here soon for an in-depth look at October and November’s releases.

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