The final adventure for Sarah Jane, a brand-new adventure for Romana and more audio adventures

Romana goes on her own adventures, Sarah Jane and the Doctor part ways, the First Doctor meets Savages and a bumper collection of Doctor Who monster adventures! Here’s a look at what’s available to buy on CD and download from BBC Audio in January and February.


Pamela Salem reads this exciting novelisation of a classic Fourth Doctor TV adventure, featuring the departure of Sarah Jane Smith.

The TARDIS lands in England, and Sarah, the Doctor’s companion, looks forward to going home. A freak accident in a quarry leaves the unconscious Sarah clutching an enormous stone hand, the only surviving remnant of Eldrad — an alien super-being expelled from his planet, Kastria — which has the power to control the human mind. Using Sarah as its instrument, the hand goes in search of the atomic energy it needs to regenerate Eldrad’s body…

Pamela Salem, who made several appearances in the BBC TV series, reads Terrance Dicks’s novelisation of the TV serial by Bob Baker and Dave Martin, first published by Target Books in 1979.

The audio novelisation of Doctor Who and the Hand of Fear is available now from Amazon on CD and Audible on download

Five exciting novelisations of classic TV stories in which the Doctor and his companions encounter a colourful assortment of aliens.

In Carnival of Monsters the TARDIS appears to land in the Indian Ocean, but something is very wrong. Here lie Drashigs... The Sontaran Experiment sends the Doctor and friends to a future Earth, where a familiar opponent is subjugating humans. In Full Circle the occupants of a distant planet are fleeing from Mistfall, and the coming of the Marshmen. Frontios finds the TARDIS in the far future, with a planet undermined by the monstrous Tractators. And in The Curse of Fenric an ancient evil stirs in 1940s England.

Katy Manning, Jon Culshaw, Matthew Waterhouse, Christopher H Bidmead and Terry Molloy read these classic tales, originally published as Target Books paperbacks.

The collection Doctor Who: The Second Monsters Collection is available from Audible on download


Steven Pacey reads a brand-new original adventure for the Doctor’s former companion, Romana.

Residing on the threshold of E-Space with the Tharil Laszlo, Romana is on the trail of a terrible enemy. Allies of the enslaved, the duo ride the Time Winds in search of the desperate Sluagh.

Meanwhile, on a bloody American Civil War battlefield, young soldier Joshua is haunted by spectres: pale, vicious-looking aliens who prey upon the dead to raise an army of living corpses. With the fabled Kairos Ring they can carve portals into other dimensions – and, by accident, Joshua is blown through one of them.

United with Romana and Laszlo against the dreadful Sluagh, Joshua finds himself catapulted into a strange new world of learning. But one secret is waiting to catch up with him…

Stephen Gallagher, who wrote Romana’s final Doctor Who TV story, Warriors’ Gate, now reveals her exciting adventures Beyond the Doctor!

The audio original adventure Doctor Who: The Kairos Ring is available from Amazon on CD and Audible on download

Peter Purves reads this gripping classic novelisation of a TV adventure featuring the First Doctor and his companions Steven and Dodo.

Landing on a distant planet, the Doctor confidently announces to his companions that the TARDIS has brought them to an age of great advancement, peace and prosperity. The Doctor’s calculations seem to be confirmed when the travellers are greeted by Jano and the Elders, who take them on a tour of their city – a haven of beauty, harmony and friendship, set in a wilderness inhabited by tribes of savages.

But the security of the city is founded on one deadly and appalling secret. Soon the Doctor and his friends discover that it is not only outside the city walls that savages dwell...Peter Purves, who played Steven in the BBC TV series, reads Ian Stuart Black’s novelisation, first published by Target Books in 1986.

The audio novelisation of Doctor Who: The Savages is available from Amazon on CD and Audible on download

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