Steven Moffat says ‘no’ to bringing back Tenth Doctor clone

By Cameron K McEwan

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, no. 506, hits shelves tomorrow and as always it brings with it the regular feature Ask Steven Moffat - where fans ask the Doctor Who show runner the burning questions of the day.

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One Whovian poses a query for the writer: Would you ever consider bringing back the Tenth Doctor’s clone who’s now residing on ‘Pete’s World’?

Fans will remember that in the Series 4 finale, Journey’s End, Donna Noble created the ‘meta-crisis’ Doctor which saw a duplicate of the Tenth Doctor, as played by David Tennant. This version of the Time Lord was left on a parallel Earth with Rose Tyler and her family.

Steven responds to the fan’s query:


Well there you have it! But the Doctor Who boss does go on to expand on why he feels 10.5, also played by David Tennant, should not return to the show.

“Because if we were going to bring David Tennant back to Doctor Who – and I’m not saying we are going to – then we would bring back David playing the real Doctor, and not a substitute Doctor.”

Steven Moffat also discusses the possible return of the Doctor’s daughter Jenny (Georgia Moffett), the role of the companion, and dealing with writer’s block.

Doctor Who Magazine 506 is on sale from Nov 17, 2016 - check out our subscription offer here

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