Six stories for six decades of Doctor Who...

On 26th October, six books will publish simultaneously, each celebrating a different decade from Doctor Who's extraordinary history.

From the 1960s, the decade of Doctor Who's debut, to the much more recent 2010s, this new collection of novels from Puffin Books features six different Doctors, each in the middle of their own adventures across the turn of the century.

All six books are available to pre-order now.

Imaginary Friends: A 1960s Story

By Jacqueline Rayner

Imaginary Friends

It's Christmas, 1963, when six-year-old Gerald starts playing a new game: Daleks.

It's a game full of dangers and daring and terrible, mutated monsters. Gerald's parents think it's harmless at first.

But then things start getting out of hand, as Gerald insists there are yetis in the basement, and Cybermen invading London.

Desperate for help, what Gerald's family really need, right now, is a Doctor.

Pre-order 'Imaginary Friends' here.

The Cradle: A 1970s Story

By Tasha Suri

The Cradle

London, 1978. Tensions are high in the East End, and one day on their way to school, Seema and her friends are threatened by a group of boys from the National Front.
Fearful for their lives, the friends find themselves saved by the appearance of a mysterious, seemingly broken-down bus.
Inside, it’s like nothing they’ve ever seen. What is this strange place? The tall, grumpy man with white hair might know the answers, but he seems just as scared as they are...

Pre-order 'The Cradle' here.

The Self-Made Man: A 1980s Story

By Mark Griffiths

The Self-Made Man

Midnight, 1984.
In a sprawling housing estate in south London, a man finds himself pursued by a strange, hooded figure.
And when the Doctor and Romana arrive in the TARDIS the next day, they find themselves in the middle of a crime scene.
Thankfully, child genius Matthew Pickles – inventor of a hugely popular handheld videogame – is on hand to help.
But someone has been playing with something they shouldn’t. Blurring the lines between human... and technology.

Pre-order 'The Self-Made Man' here.

Wannabes: A 1990s Story

By Dave Rudden


Donna has convinced the Doctor to take her to Dublin, 1994. To visit the night-club Tripod.
Because Tripod is famous for precisely one thing. The night where five young women came together to make the biggest band of the 90s: the Blood Honeys.

Naturally the band is soon kidnapped by a family of siren-like creatures who want to use the girls’ fame to hypnotise the world. 

With Dublin and the earth to save, Donna may get her chance to perform on the world's biggest stage...

Pre-order 'Wannabes' here.

The Monster in the Cupboard: A 2000s Story

By Kalynn Bayron

The Monster in the Cupboard

Lily thinks there are monsters in her house, hiding in the cupboard. And when a chance refuel lands the Doctor and Rose right on Lily’s doorstep, they both agree she needs their help.
When asked about the monster, Lily can only say it's made of immense light and power, and – what’s more – it’s taken her mother and brother.
It is a search that will take them from the Cardiff Rift right back to the childhood of Lily's grandmother, and another disappearance all those years ago...

Pre-order 'The Monster in the Cupboard' here.

The Angel of Redemption: A 2010s Story

By Nikita Gill

The Angel of Redemption

A poem of tragedy and beauty...

The Weeping Angels are an ancient race of terrible power. Their true form is a mystery – they wander the universe, cursed never to see one another.

But they see everything else. The course of time and space, and even the journey of their deadliest enemy: the Doctor.

One angel is different, though. One angel looks through time and sees so much more...

Pre-order 'The Angel of Redemption' here.

The full collection of novels will be available from 26th October.

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