Scarfs are cool! 10 must-have winter accessories for Doctor Who fans

By Christel Dee

Whether you’re fighting Dream Crabs, taking a stroll around Sardicktown or trying to get some last-minute stocking fillers whilst being attacked by pilot fish, these officially licensed Doctor Who accessories will help keep you toasty, whatever you're up to this winter!





TARDIS and Dalek Christmas Sweater

Gear up for the upcoming festivities with the TARDIS and Dalek Christmas Sweater. The exclusive pattern incorporates the Doctor's faithful space and time ship and some of her most prolific foes. The design is complete with killer Christmas trees (like the ones seen in The Christmas Invasion and The Runaway Bride) and snowflakes… or is that the Great Intelligence?

Order the TARDIS and Dalek Christmas sweater here.




The Pandorica Opens Gloves

These eye-catching gloves feature the exploding TARDIS piece created by Vincent Van Gogh in Vincent and the Doctor (2010) as a warning to Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor. The stunning picture is digitally-printed on high-quality velvet-feel fabric and shows the screen-accurate image in all its glorious detail.

Order the The Pandorica Opens gloves here.




Cybermen Scarf

If you're suffering from a frailty of the flesh, the Cybermen will upgrade your body so you won't feel the cold (or indeed anything else) with this Cybermen Scarf, which takes its repeated pattern from the ice tombs of Telos, first seen in the Second Doctor serial, The Tomb of the Cybermen (1967).

Order the Tomb of the Cybermen scarf here.




Cosy TARDIS socks

It can get chilly when you're travelling through space and time in the TARDIS, so wearing cosy socks will definitely help. The fair isle-inspired pattern has yellow, red & blue with several TARDISes around the ankles. Brilliant!

Order the Cosy TARDIS socks here.




Fourth Doctor short scarf

Lorvazi have introduced a shorter, more manageable version of the Fourth Doctor’s scarf as seen in Tom Baker’s final season. At a more concise 200cm, it's easier to wear day-to-day without dragging the tassels underneath you!

Order the Fourth Doctor short scarf here.




Dalek beanie

This festive hat features the TARDIS, a Dalek, and snowflakes and is the ideal gift for yourself or your loved ones.

Order the Dalek beanie here.




Seventh Doctor jumper

The Seventh Doctor wore this iconic jumper that underlines the show's main concept: Doctor Who? This is a must-have item for fans of Sylvester McCoy's dark but witty Doctor, who first appeared in 1987's Time and the Rani. It comes with a special carry case that makes it a fantastic collectible - or you can simply wear yours and stay warm!

Order the Seventh Doctor jumper here.




Seventh Doctor umbrella

The Seventh Doctor’s iconic red question mark umbrella is the perfect finishing touch for both cosplayers and fans who simply want to stay dry this winter! Combined with Lovarzi’s question mark sweater and official silk paisley scarf, this umbrella is a must-have for every fan of Sylvester McCoy's Doctor.

Order the Seventh Doctor umbrella here.




Winter TARDIS onesie

This fleecy Doctor Who onesie, printed with Daleks, Cybermen and the TARDIS, will keep you warm and cosy over the holidays. Featuring a long front-zipper closure and two front pockets.

Order the Winter TARDIS onesie here.




Thirteenth Doctor TARDIS scarf

Join the Thirteenth Doctor on her adventures with this striped Doctor Who TARDIS scarf! The rainbow fringe on the ends matches the middle striping.

Order the Thirteenth Doctor TARDIS scarf here.





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