Read the first chapter of the new River Song novel

River Song has her own novel written by the actress who plays the character, Alex Kingston, out now!

This stylish sci-fi noir adventure features her most famous characters: private detective Melody Malone and legendary time-travelling archaeologist River Song.

You can order The Ruby’s Curse, here as a hardback or ebook, or on audio here


You can read the first chapter below:

Chapter One
Stormcage, ad 5147

20 seconds

The next obstacle was my favourite. I’ve never quite understood why a laser maze is considered a top-tier deterrent when a laser wall would be much more effective. But I’m not complaining. I’ve never felt more like a superhero than when I danced across the floor, deflecting each incoming beam with a hand mirror. Up above! Down low! Never too slow!

. . . and rest.

10 seconds

Two directions. The first leading straight to the staff area. Everything’s run from there. I’ve considered making a detour before – turn off the defences, make a few discreet alterations to my file, maybe schedule myself a mani-pedi – but it’s difficult, even for me, to get in without loss of life, and that could make a gal unpopular around here. I’d have to take the other direction.

There’s a children’s game in which you need to drop marbles through holes. The aim is to line up different holes to create an unobstructed path downwards, and bye-bye marble. Stormcage has something similar. The doors all need to align to enable you to get to your chosen location. Each corridor is accessible once a day only. Trouble is, you can only see the first door. If you mistime, if one of the others is out of place . . . well, absolute best outcome is you arrive on the wrong floor. You really don’t want to hear what happens if you’re not lucky. But did I mention? Child of Time here. I could tell the second everything fell into place.

5 seconds

Deep breath.

4 seconds On your mark.

3 seconds Get set.

2 seconds Go!

1 second I ran. I dived. I flew through the first door . . .. . . and I landed on the other side. Both feet together, don’t stumble, arms up! I’d make any gymnastics teacher proud.

0 seconds I still had the labyrinth to go, but I’d been through that so many times I could find my way even without a handy ball of string. Achievement unlocked! I let myself into Cell 426, and pulled the door closed behind me. How lovely, someone changed my sheets while I was gone. I must be sure to thank the guards. I sat down on my bunk and pulled the typewriter out of my backpack.

What bliss. I’d finally found somewhere with the peace and quiet I needed to write my book. I started to type:

Come through the doors of the Angel Detective Agency Inc., Floor 33,RCA Building, Manhattan, and maybe you’re expecting just another private eye . . .

Or hear Alex Kingston read it here:

You can order The Ruby’s Curse, here as a hardback or ebook, or on audio here

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