Missing Episodes special edition of Doctor Who Magazine

A new special edition of Doctor Who Magazine is out now, bringing you the complete visual guide to some of the missing First Doctor adventures.

106 Doctor Who episodes from the 1960s are no longer held in the BBC's Archives. The original videotapes were erased, reused, or destroyed (you can find out more about the junking of episodes in our missing episodes article).

Fortunately for fans, some of these missing episodes survive as “telesnaps” – essentially photographs of the film footage itself – designed to be a record of work for directors, designers and actors in the days before video showreels.

This 100-page Special from Doctor Who Magazine presents all of the lost episodes from the First Doctor's era that still exist in telesnap form, featuring the stories Marco Polo, The Crusade, The Savages, The Smugglers, and the First Doctor’s final adventure, The Tenth Planet.

There's also a fascinating feature on John Cura, the man who took these telesnaps, and a look at how and why these classic pieces of television were lost from the archives.

Fill the gap in your collection, with Doctor Who Magazine: The Missing Episodes – The First Doctor. It's out now, price £5.99.


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