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In Case You Missed It: Time Heist

By Christopher Allen

Time Heist gave us a rare old burst of nostalgia, as Psi thought about all the worse thieves in the universe, in an attempt to lure the Teller away from Clara. But, in case you missed it, just who were those rogues?



When last encountered by the Doctor in his First incarnation, the Sensorites were a timid, telepathic race, who had been exploited by human explorers. Although defensive against strangers, they were mainly harmless. Perhaps in an as-yet unseen adventure, a Sensorite goes rogue!



Although a race that valued art and beauty, the Terileptils also loved war, and could be merciless. The Fifth Doctor encountered a small group of Terileptil criminals who had fled the harsh environment of a Terileptil prison colony, and crashed on Earth in 1666. He prevented them adapting the bubonic plague to wipe out mankind:

Abslom Daak


Famed for his tortured exclamation “I’m gonna kill every damned, stinking Dalek in the galaxy!”, Abslom Daak was created for a comic strip in Doctor Who Weekly (now Doctor Who Magazine) in 1980, by legendary writer Steve Moore (2000 AD). He was an horrific murderer and criminal who, when tried, was offered the choice of either vaporisation or to become a Dalek killer. Daak chose the latter, and went on to violently destroy Daleks in five comic strips.


John Hart


A fellow rogue Time Agent, thief and lover of Jack Harkness, Captain Hart appeared in the second series of Torchwood, played by Buffy the Vampire Slayer star James Marsters. Depsite popping out of the rift in time and space above Cardiff, Hart chose to remain on Earth, so who knows where he may be lurking…

We also saw “Gunslinger” Kahler-Tek, one of the Family Slitheen, the Trickster and an Androvax from The Sarah Jane Adventures, and an Ice Warrior.


How could we forget?

And no ICYMI of Time Heist would be complete without mention of the Memory Worm. Remember? It’s how the Doctor and company begin the bank heist. It first appeared in The Snowmen, where it caused issues for both the Great Intelligence, and for Strax:

Next Time

Coal Hill School has a new recruit. Make sure you tune in for The Caretaker:

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