Gallery: Exclusive Noel Clarke photo shoot

By Cameron K McEwan

Thanks to our friends at Doctor Who Magazine, we have another exclusive and amazing gallery of a Doctor Who star for you to enjoy.

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This week, we have some terrific photographs of actor Noel Clarke, who played Mickey Smith from 2005 until 2010 in Doctor Who, which were shot for Doctor Who Magazine issue 367 in 2006.

Noel Clarke first appeared as Mickey Smith in the 2005 episode Rose and returned many more times. Mickey would depart the TARDIS in 2006's The Age Of Steel to spend time in a parallel Earth but would spectacularly return to our universe and infiltrate Torchwood in Army Of Ghosts (only to pop back to "Pete's World"). Of course, that was not the end for our favourite Defender of the Earth - Mickey helped the Tenth Doctor in battling Davros and the Daleks in The Stolen Earth / Journey's End. The favour was repaid in The End Of Time Part Two when the Time Lord saved Mickey (now married to former companion Martha Jones) from a Sontaran attack.

Check out the great gallery below, all photography by John Carey.

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All photographs © copyright Panini / Doctor Who Magazine and reproduced with kind permission. Photography by John Carey.

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