EXCLUSIVE: Read an extract from Time Lord Victorious story ‘Mission to the Known’

The Dalek Time Commander and the Dalek Scientist have arrived! To celebrate the release of the second of four Time Lord Victorious sets from Hero Collector, you can read an extract from a new Dalek story that’s included with the figurines.

Get your Time Lord Victorious: Figurine Collection Magazine #2: Dalek Time Commander & Dalek Scientist here.

Each of the four Time Lord Victorious box sets will contain two hand-painted polyresin figurines at 1:21 scale (approximately 3.5 inches tall).

The latest release from Hero Collector includes the Time Commander and Scientist Dalek. It also comes with an in-depth companion magazine, highlighting the huge range of creative talent involved across the entire Time Lord Victorious adventure, packed with behind the scenes details as well as a brand-new story, called Mission to the Known. And you can read an opening extract, exclusively here:

Mission to the Known

… “This message has been recorded in case of your failure,” the Emperor boomed, although no other Dalek on the saucer would hear their leader or have access to this message. “It assumes you have failed to prevent the damage to our timeline. It assumes you have failed to prevent the Doctor from betrayal.”

The Emperor stopped speaking. The Dalek Commander heard the Executioner’s gun-stick targeting its casing. There was a slight rise in a pitch that no ordinary ears could hear. Its weapon was powering up and being aimed in readiness for the Emperor’s next words.

The Commander recalled the creatures it had witnessed and their cries for mercy. Daleks accepted execution with only fury at their own failure. Death was preferable. Failure meant it could not be a superior being, and Daleks were the supreme beings in the universe.

“Given your failure,” the Emperor continued, “I now issue you with new orders.”

As Daleks are not programmed to express surprise, both Daleks remained steadfastly plugged into the console.

The Time Commander wondered – in a flash and it was deleted by its core processor – why it was still functioning and why it had not been executed. It swivelled its eyestalk towards the Executioner, and then returned it to stare at the screen.

“The barrier around the Dark Times has never been penetrated by the Daleks,” the Emperor continued, sounding annoyed by this unfortunate aspect of Dalek technology. The annoyance had doubtless resulted in the extermination of platoons of Scientists.

“Your presence in the Dark Times provides the Empire with an opportunity to secure the eternal victory of the Daleks.”


Find the rest of the story, much more in the guide, plus figurines of the Dalek Time Squad in this second set.

Get your Time Lord Victorious: Figurine Collection Magazine #2: Dalek Time Commander & Dalek Scientist here.

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