Easter treats at the Doctor Who Experience

By Darren Cooper

The Doctor Who Experience celebrates the Easter holiday with a return of the Official Doctor Who Filming Locations Tour, a carefully curated walking tour of Cardiff Bay hosted by the Doctor Who Experience. The official tour will return on 3rd April 2015.

Cardiff is the home of Doctor Who and the walking tours enable Doctor Who fans an amazing opportunity to get closer to the iconic show.

The 75 minute tour starts at the Doctor Who Experience – itself a filming location – and our expert guides will take you on a journey back through time where you will get to step foot into more than 40 filming locations. During the tour visitors will be able to see how different parts of Cardiff Bay were used to double for different cities, planets and universes featured in the episodes including those from the latest series featuring Peter Capaldi.

Also, at Easter, the Doctor Who Experience welcomes some new props and costumes from Series Eight which will join earlier Series Eight popular installations already on display which include the Half-face man from Deep Breath as well as pieces from Robot of Sherwood and the Skovok Blitzer from The Caretaker.

Visitors will need to keep an eye out though as some of our monsters will be coming alive on Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th, Sunday 5th and Monday 6th April. So, if you are looking for a monster-day out over Easter, look no further than the Doctor Who Experience.

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