Don’t blink at the Tenth Doctor Dark Bunny Tees

Dark Bunny have unveiled their t-shirt designs celebrating the Tenth Doctor, as played by David Tennant, both taking their inspiration from the episode Blink.

Dark Bunny 1

Bearing the address of the spooky house where Sally Sparrow discovered four Weeping Angels, the first tee advertises the Wester Drumlins Estate. Whatever you do, just don’t venture down to the basement…

Dark Bunny 2

The second tee bears a schematic of the Doctor’s Timey-Wimey Detector (that goes “ding” when there’s stuff). Just ensure you remain at least thirty paces from hens.

The Tenth Doctor tees – along with designs from the previous nine incarnations – are available now from the Dark Bunny Tees website.

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