Doctor Who Experience Unveils Classic Fan-Favourite Monsters

By Cameron K McEwan

Earlier this year, the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff ran a competition to find out which classic monsters from the show you would like to see restored and exhibited for fans to enjoy once more.

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The two winning monsters were Fourth Doctor villains - the Morbius monster, from The Brain of Morbius, and a Mandrel, from Nightmare Of Eden (a favourite story of current showrunner Steven Moffat).

These lovingly-restored creatures were unveiled in front of delighted Whovians at the Doctor Who Experience during the Bank Holiday Weekend in August.


Present at the event was Mike Tucker - who won a BAFTA for his work on the 50th Anniversary Special, The Day of the Doctor - of the Model Unit, the man behind restoring these classic beasts.

On the Mandrel, Tucker joked:

“I recreated the '70s fur material with firm-hold hair mousse, because the Mandrel is worth it!”

Whilst with Morbius he stated:

“I managed to track down the original mould for his brain so it's an exact reproduction of the original design.”

Here he is chatting with Doctor Who: The Fan Show about the restoration process:

In the player below, you can also watch Tucker chat about his fascinating time working on Doctor Who and some of his personal highlights.

You can see both classic monsters now at the Doctor Who Experience - book tickets here.

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