BBC Books to publish four Target Doctor Who novels featuring the Fifteenth Doctor

'Space Babies', '73 Yards', 'Rogue' and 'The Church on Ruby Road' will publish on 8th August in paperback and audiobook.

BBC Books is thrilled to publish four Doctor Who Target novelisations from Season 1 with the Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby Sunday, as played by Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson.

Space Babies, 73 Yards, Rogue and The Church on Ruby Road will publish on 8th August in paperback and audiobook. All four Targets have been written by an exciting generation of new Doctor Who authors, with some familiar names to the series already – Alison Rumfitt, Scott Handcock, Kate Herron, Briony Redman and Esmie Jikiemi-Pearson. 

Space Babies

by Alison Rumfitt

Target - Space Babies

In space, something can hear you scream. And that something is coming. 

On her first adventure in outer space, Ruby learns that the universe is bigger, more colourful, and crazier than she could ever have imagined. She also learns that even the Doctor can feel afraid – and that certain nightmares are all too real…

A new voice to Doctor Who fiction, Alison Rumfitt, presents the Target novelisation of Russell T Davies’ first space adventure for the Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby Sunday.

Alison Rumfitt is a writer and cultural critic. Her two horror novels Tell Me I’m Worthless and Brainwyrms push the boundaries of both taste and form to the shock of readers everywhere. She has written for Little White Lies and Dazed, and interviewed the new Doctor Ncuti Gatwa for Rolling Stone. She’s considered herself a fan of Doctor Who ever since her father played her the theme song to scare her when she was about five years old.

You can pre-order Space Babies on paperback and audio here

73 Yards

by Scott Handcock

Target - 73 Yards

How long is 73 yards? Haunted by a sinister presence, Ruby must cope with losing the Doctor and the life she once knew. With her new life without her best friend becoming bleaker by the day, something terrifying is unleashed, and it’s up to Ruby to stop it. 

This eerie episode from Russell T Davies is novelised by series script editor Scott Handcock. Scott is a writer, producer and director, best known for his work on a range of horror and science-fiction series from Big Finish Productions including Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Confessions of Dorian Gray. Since 2006, he has lived in Cardiff, most recently working for Bad Wolf on the latest series of Doctor Who and its spin-off Tales of the TARDIS.

You can pre-order 73 Yards on paperback and audio here


by Kate Herron & Briony Redman


Target - Rogue

Doctor Who does Bridgerton with an alien twist in a sparky novelisation from original scriptwriters Kate Herron (Loki/Sex Education) and Briony Redman.

Earth’s Regency era – a time of culture, extravagance, sumptuous balls… and aliens? While Ruby is a popular new addition to the Duchess of Pemberton’s ball, the Doctor’s world is about to be forever rocked by a dashing visitor from space. With many party-guests facing an identity crisis like no other, it is up to the Doctor and Ruby to stop the menacing Chuldurs’ plot.

Doctor Who presents a classic tale with an alien twist in a thrilling novelisation from the episode’s scriptwriters, Kate Herron and Briony Redman.

Briony Redman is a BAFTA Rocliffe-winning writer and comedian who works across film, television, theatre and comics. Briony met writing partner, Kate Herron, while doing short films and they bonded over a love of sci-fi and weird comedy. Briony is an experienced improviser who performs with Dungeons & Dragons comedy show, Questing Time. This is their first book.

Kate Herron is a writer and filmmaker from London, working across film, television and comic books. She directed and exec-produced the entire first season of Loki (Marvel and Disney Plus), directed the first season of Sex Education (Netflix), and is about to direct on The Last of Us (HBO). Kate has worked with her writing partner, Briony Redman for over a decade. Most recently they created a comic for Skybound entertainment company (The Walking Dead), and both wrote together on Ncuti Gatwa’s first season of Doctor Who. This is her first book. 

You can pre-order Rogue on paperback and audio here

The Church on Ruby Road

by Esmie Jikiemi-Pearson

Target - Ruby Road

Chance. Misfortune. Coincidence. These are the weapons of choice for the Doctor’s latest enemies. And those enemies are very, very hungry…

For Ruby Sunday, this Christmas Eve is a birthday she’ll never forget. It’s the day she joins the Doctor onboard a Goblin ship. The day she learns of dangers from beyond the universe. The day her life really begins… or, perhaps, the day it ends. 

The Target novelisation of the first full adventure featuring the Fifteenth Doctor, played by Ncuti Gatwa, and the introduction of his new best friend, Ruby Sunday played by Millie Gibson. Russell T Davies’ original script has been novelised by up-and-coming literary talent Esmie Jikiemi-Pearson.

Esmie Jikiemi-Pearson is a science-fantasy author and co-founder of the organisation Impact of Omission, as featured in the Guardian, Huffpost, and the Channel 4 Documentary Where’s My History? with footballer and anti-racism campaigner Troy Deeney. Winner of the inaugural Gollancz and Rivers of London BAME SFF Award in 2020, now known as the Future Worlds Prize, her writing is invariably about Black people dismantling space empires, travelling through time, and saving the world – often simultaneously. 

You can pre-order The Church on Ruby Road on paperback and audio here


Space Babies, 73 Yards, Rogue and The Church on Ruby Road will publish on 8th August in paperback and audiobook.

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