Alpha Centauri and Dalek Caan from Doctor Who Figurine Collection

By Cameron K McEwan

The latest issues of the Doctor Who Figurine Collection feature two iconic aliens from the Tenth and Twelfth Doctor eras.

Every two weeks, Whovians can enjoy an exclusive hand-painted and highly-detailed figurine and a magazine packed with info on its subject.

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Check out the details and images below on Issues 103 and 104.


Alpha Centauri 

Doctor Who Figurine Collection: Part 103 (available late July)
From the 1972 Third Doctor adventure The Curse of Peladon.

Named, rather unusually, after the star from where the ambassador originated, Alpha Centauri was one of a number of delegates examining Peladon’s request to join the Galactic Federation. But was someone in their number a spy and sabotaging the talks?

Alpha Centauri also recently made a surprise cameo in the Twelfth Doctor adventure, Empress of Mars.

Available here

Three Alpha Centauri figurines


Dalek Caan

Doctor Who Figurine Collection: Part 104 (available early August)
From the Tenth Doctor 2008 finale, The Stolen Earth / Journey’s End.

The last surviving member of the Cult of Skaro broke through into the Time War to rescue the Daleks’ creator, Davros. Dalek Caan’s plan was to save the Daleks but something broke inside that bubbling lump of hate: he realised the truth of the Daleks and decreed, “No more!”

Available here

Three Dalek Caan figurines

For more info on the Doctor Who Figurine Collection, visit their website here

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