10 Reasons to Revisit Doctor Who Series 3

By Beth Axford

William Shakespeare and witches at the Globe Theatre in Elizabethan London, human-Dalek hybrids in 1930s New York and the return of the Doctor’s best friend and enemy, the Master at the end of the universe; Doctor Who Series 3 is a non-stop thrill ride!

To celebrate the release of the Blu-ray Steelbook edition of Doctor Who Series 3, we’ve come up with ten brilliant reasons to re-visit the series and travel through space and time with The Tenth Doctor and Martha! So, what are you waiting for? Jump aboard the TARDIS, it's going to be a crazy ride...

Oh, and there will be spoilers in this article. You have been warned!


Martha Jones

Martha Jones made her debut in the first episode of Series 3; 'Smith and Jones' when the hospital she practiced in as a trainee doctor, was transported to the moon by the "Outer Space Police", the Judoon. After encountering the Doctor and saving his life (the first of many times!), he invites her aboard the TARDIS to say thank you - and away they go! Throughout the series, she meets the charismatic William Shakespeare, battles the terrifying Daleks and walks the Earth, inspiring people to end The Master’s rule over civilisation, all whilst she navigates her unrequited feelings for her Time Lord friend. Her bravery and refusal to give up keep the pair alive, as well as planet Earth safe. With her wit, wisdom and kindness, she is the stand out character of the series, making that binge watch definitely acceptable!

Check out Martha's introduction to the Doctor:

William Shakespeare and The Doctor… what a pairing! Doctor Who takes us back to its traditional roots, featuring one of history’s greatest playwrights and chucking in some witches for good measure. We LOVE this historical story and can’t get enough of old Will’s cheeky banter. “SHUT YOUR BIG FAT MOUTHS!”. Yeah…bit rude.

Watch him in action here:

The Time War is one of the new series’ biggest mysteries, particularly back in Series 3! With the war still fresh in his mind, The Doctor describes Gallifrey to Martha in a tear jerking scene from Gridlock, making us practically weep. It doesn’t end there though as this is only the beginning of this series’ Time Lord focus, with The Doctor’s arch nemesis, The Master, returning for the finale.


Check out The Doctor and Martha chatting about Gallifrey:

Daleks? In New York? Count us IN! The iconic killing machines make a chilling comeback this series in the two-parter, Daleks In Manhattan/Evolution Of The Daleks. Helen Raynor brings terror to 1930’s New York with incredible imagery and creepy sewers. Throw in a human Dalek, pig-person hybrids and Tallulah with three L’s and an H, this story is an exciting nostalgia fest to revisit!

Watch as The Daleks go human:

If you’re looking forward to Series 11, then 42 is a great introduction to Chris Chibnall’s Doctor Who! Get a feel for his characters and writing as The Doctor and Martha battle against the clock… and a VERY warm alien star. It’s guaranteed to get you hot under the collar as the crew become possessed and time very quickly begins to run out (did we mention, the episode unfolds in REAL TIME?). Perfect preparation for Chris’s Doctor Who AND a good bit of behind-the-sofa fun!

Get a taste of 42 here:

The two-part story, Human Nature/The Family of Blood, is sure to get your Who-fan hearts racing! When the Doctor and Martha tracked by a deadly race of aliens, they must disguise themselves and hide in 1913. There’s no easy way to disguise a Time Lord though... The Doctor must turn human! Leaving Martha to deal with the deadly Family of Blood and his newfound love interest, it’s no easy ride for the pair. Terrifying scarecrows and a killer family of aliens, this one is perfect for a scary Who night in! C’mon, get out from behind the sofa, you’ve got Weeping Angels next!

Read the Doctor’s journal of impossible things:

It’s safe to say this series has a whole lot of scary, including the unmissable introduction of the Weeping Angels. Only able to move when someone blinks, they will quite literally freeze you with terror! Watch heroine Sally Sparrow (Carey Mulligan) fight them off and save the human race, all whilst mourning her lost friends and without The Doctor around to help. He always turns up somehow though and gets a message to her through DVD Easter eggs, all from the year 1969. Phew, what a story! We still can’t look at a statue the same way...

Don’t blink... follow The Doctor’s orders!

Is there any better entrance than clinging onto the TARDIS as it flies off into the vortex? Captain Jack Harkness always was a show off and his return to the show brings an exciting team dynamic that feels classic and cosy, warming our hearts. The character’s humour, sass and flirtatious attitude makes him an absolute favourite and a serious Doctor Who legend. Oh, and not to mention sacrificing himself multiple times. I mean, he can’t die but it’s the thought that counts, right?

Watch as the Doctor and Martha make a Jack related revelation:

Here come the drums...The Master is back! His long-awaited return to the show is the main focus of Series 3 with threads and Easter eggs woven throughout the series. Then in the episode, Utopia, we’re treated to his return AND regeneration with the TARDIS team left reeling. His wicked, villainous ways make this one of the most nerve-wracking finales. A traditional Master disguise, manipulative use of humans and a horrifying plan to take over the universe, he’s the ultimate baddy. We LOVE him.

Watch as the Master regenerates:

We couldn’t pick just one exciting reason from the series finale to make you re-watch. Not only does it feature two terrific Time Lords, but it ties up all the threads that are sewn throughout the rest of the series! John Simm’s ghastly Master finally sets his plan in motion to take over the earth and become the ruler of all, bringing Toclafane from the future to help. After the Doctor, Jack and her family are held prisoner, Martha is the only one to escape and must save everyone. We see her travelling the Earth for a year, telling stories of the Doctor to spread hope and eventually reverse The Master's reign of terror. Cliff-hangers, tear jerkers and terrifying moments, this finale has it all! Warning: Keep those tissues to hand.

Watch the horror unfold as The Master reveals his plan:

The Doctor Who Series 3 steelbook is available now. Get your copy:


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