The Saviour Of Time

The Saviour Of Time

Skype's first ever Doctor Who Bot sees players to help The Doctor save the Universe in an exciting interactive digital experience. The brand new bot uses the latest technology to deliver a unique experience between the Doctor and the player.

Find out how to activate the Doctor Who Bot here.

The Doctor Who Bot includes challenges, logic puzzles, and quizzes, revolving around the search for a mysterious artefact known as... The Key To Time!

Scattered throughout time and space, users must locate all six segments of the Key and restore it, in order to save the Universe.


Users get the thrilling opportunity to be the Doctor's companion as the bot immerses them in a specially-written six-part Doctor Who adventure.

Players will experience the Doctor communicating with them directly and setting them challenges that can only be solved by the best companions.

The bot will feature exclusive voice-over from Twelfth Doctor actor Peter Capaldi, and is creatively developed by writing talent Joe Lidster (The Sarah Jane Adventures, Torchwood).

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The Saviour Of Time