Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular


Australia and New Zealand Tour Dates

Australia and New Zealand welcome the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular to their shores - featuring music from 50 years of Doctor Who, right up to The Time of the Doctor, performed by the Melbourne, Queensland and New Zealand Symphony Orchestras, and presented by Fifth Doctor Peter Davison.

About the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular

Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular is a musical celebration of the iconic BBC series, featuring Murray Gold’s captivating music, accompanied by specially edited sequences of Matt Smith’s performance as the Eleventh Doctor on the big screen.

A host of monsters including the spine-chilling Silence and the awe-inspiring Daleks and Cybermen will add to the electric atmosphere.

The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular 2012

The 2014 show will feature all-new content - including the latest music from the 50th anniversary episode and Christmas special The Time of the Doctor. It will also feature a look back at some of the previous Doctors, music from the last five decades, plus performances of some audience favourites.

Watch a clip of the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular 2012 at the Sydney Opera House:


What the press said...

"The music was as spectacular as the title suggests Epic performance of some of the most beautiful music created in the last ten years" - Australian Stage

"Evocative and thrilling in equal measure" - Herald Sun

"The whole experience brought unalloyed pleasure that in some cases amounted to a religious rite" - Sydney Morning Herald

The Daleks menace conductor Ben Foster at the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular

Meet the Monsters

Keep an eye out for the following monsters who may appear at the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular:

  • Daleks from Doctor Who


    The mangled and mutated remains of the Kaled people, hidden in metal war machines. Utterly devoid of pity.

  • Cybermen from Doctor Who


    Emotionally-inhibited, former humans who upgraded their bodies with steel and plastic.

  • The Ood from Doctor Who


    A hive-minded race of peaceful telepaths, who are easily taken over by dark forces...

  • The Silence from Doctor Who

    The Silence

    Don't forget this shadowy religious order, directing human development since the dawn of time.

  • The Silurians from Doctor Who


    Homo Reptilia, the dominant life-form on Earth before the evolution of humanity. And they want the planet back.

  • A Weeping Angel from Doctor Who

    Weeping Angels

    The lonely assassins. Quantum-locked alien killers, as old as the universe itself. Just don't blink...