The No-things

Played by David Tennant and Catherine Tate

"We came from the nothing."

First Regular Appearance
Wild Blue Yonder

Creatures from the beyond, taking the form, intelligence and personality of those they are near... but what are their sinister motives?

The No-things were encountered by the Fourteenth Doctor and Donna at the very wisps of reality at the end of the universe, after Donna tipped a coffee into the TARDIS console (it was an accident!). The Doctor and Donna, the time-travelling and recently reunited pair, crash-landed in a spaceship at the edge of the universe, seemingly empty. That is until the No-things revealed themselves as clones of the Doctor and Donna. They slowly learnt how to mimic the human and Time Lord once they grasped the rules of this reality, from body proportions to continual object existence, and they became almost perfect copies (albeit with a homicidal streak!).

The Doctor and Donna quickly learnt what happened on the ship whilst the No-things learnt to mimic them – the whole ship was a slow bomb designed to dispatch the No-things before they learnt how this universe worked. With the TARDIS finally fixed, and the Doctor truly knowing his best friend down to the millimetre, the No-things were left to their fate....

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