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Carole Ann Ford

Susan Foreman is a pupil at Coal Hill School, where she is taught History by Ms Wright and Science by Mr Chesterton. She lives at 76 Totter’s Lane. She is also the First Doctor’s granddaughter. An alien, exiled from a distant time and place, living in an extraordinary ship called the TARDIS. Curious, quick-witted and kind, Susan is the first of the Doctor’s travelling companions to leave him, settling with David Campbell after defeating the Dalek invasion of earth.

  • One day, we'll know all the mysteries of the skies...and we'll stop our wandering.

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Susan Foreman on Doctor Who Legacy!

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Susan Foreman on Doctor Who Legacy

Standing ovation for original TARDIS team

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Original TARDIS travellers Carole Ann Ford and William Russell received a standing ovation from fans at the Doctor Who Celebration in London’s ExCel.

Carole Ann Ford

Peter Davison and a host of Doctor Who stars added to the Celebration line-up

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Over 40 additional guests from the classic era of Doctor Who have been added to the bill for the Doctor Who 50th Celebration.

The Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Turlough in the TARDIS

Cover for The Aztecs DVD revealed

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The DVD artwork for March’s release of The Aztecs: Special Edition has been released.

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