1966 - 1967
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Anneke Wills

In the course of a night that would change her life, Polly befriends miserable sailor Ben Jackson, meets a strange man called the Doctor and teams up with them to fight artificial intelligence WOTAN and its War Machines. Sneaking into the TARDIS together, Polly and Ben are whisked off into space and time to face the Cybermen, the Daleks and the Macra. Present at the Doctor’s first regeneration, Polly was faster than Ben to believe that the new man was still the Doctor. Polly and Ben both leave the TARDIS when it returns to Earth on the day they left – 20 July, 1966. Sarah Jane Smith later told the Eleventh Doctor that Polly and Ben were running an orphanage in India.

  • Come on, Dodo, let's leave him. I can't stand people with no sense of humour.

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