1977 - 1978
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Leela, Louise JamesonLeela, Louise Jameson paralax rear

Louise Jameson

Leela was a warrior of the Sevateem, descended over many generations from a colonisation ship’s survey team. Proud, strong and occasionally violent, Leela was also curious to learn more, running into the TARDIS when the Doctor refused to take her with him, and accidentally activating the controls. Resisting the Doctor’s attempts to “civilise” her, she fought sinister Voc robots, slimy Rutans and even leapt through a window to escape a murderous ventriloquist dummy. After helping the Doctor defeat the Sontarans’ invasion of time, she chose to remain on Gallifrey with Commander Andred and the first version of K-9.


  • Enjoy your death, as I enjoyed killing you!

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