Jamie McCrimmon

1966 - 1969
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Jamie McCrimmon, Frazer HinesJamie McCrimmon, Frazer Hines paralax rear

Frazer Hines

James Robert McCrimmon was a piper and soldier, fighting the hated English at Culloden in 1746. Escaping execution, Jamie follows Polly, Ben and the Doctor into the TARDIS. Although from the 18th Century, Jamie adapted quickly to time-travelling life, fighting Cybermen on the Moon, faceless Chameleons and Daleks in Victorian London. He faced the Great Intelligence – once in Tibet and again in the London Underground – and twice fought the Martian Ice Warriors. What he lacked in intelligence, he more than made up for in strength, charm and instinct. With his memories of the Doctor erased, he was returned to Scotland on the day he left by the Time Lords at the Doctor’s trial.

  • I tell you I'm a Highlander, the cold doesn't affect me.

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