Dodo Chaplet

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Jackie Lane

Seeing a boy knocked down by a car and trying to find Police assistance, Dorothea “Dodo” Chaplet dashed into the TARDIS and was whisked off into space and time. Honest and forthright, Dodo was devastated to have infected the Monoids of The Ark with the Common Cold, despised the cheating playthings of the Celestial Toymaker and delighted in meeting cowboy Wyatt Earp. Returning to London in 1966, Dodo was brainwashed by computer network WOTAN and sent to rest in the country by the Doctor. She may well have been a descendant of Anne Chaplet, a servant girl whom Steven had met before the Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve in 1572, and hoped had not perished.


  • How can we believe anything you say? Everything here is so strange.