Captain Yates

1971 - 1974
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Richard Franklin

Right-hand man to Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart throughout some of UNIT’s most fearsome alien encounters, Captain Mike Yates was a cool-headed, easy-going soldier. He destroyed the hideous Auton doll that was attacking Jo, was trapped within the heat barrier created around Devil’s End by Azal the Daemon, and was brainwashed by the BOSS computer to kill the Doctor. Perhaps reeling from this, Yates turns traitor, coming to believe in Operation Golden Age - that human advancement and pollution should be stricken from the Earth. Allowed to quietly resign from UNIT, Mike later alerted Sarah Jane Smith to strange goings on at a Buddhist retreat, that turned out to be the beginnings of a universal invasion by giant spiders.

  • Until you've had a mug of army cocoa, you just haven't lived!

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