Huge King Hydroflax from Doctor Who Figurines Collection Special!

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DWFC Hydroflax

The latest Doctor Who Figurines Collection Special features King Hydroflax, as played by actor Greg Davies, in the 2015 Doctor Who Christmas Special, The Husbands of River Song.

Pre-order here.

Hydroflax, a cyborg tyrant also known as the 'Butcher of the Bone Meadows', has married River Song, and she has great plans for the diamond that is lodged in her hubby’s brain.

This larger-scale highly detailed, hand-painted figurine comes complete with a fully illustrated 20-page magazine with behind-the-scenes info on The Husbands of River Song and the complicated timeline of River Song herself.

The Doctor Who Figurines Collection Special is available on April 29, 2017 — pre-order here.