Doctor Who: Tales from the TARDIS Issue 16 is on sale now!

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Tales From The TARDIS 16

Can't wait until Doctor Who Series 10 starts? Get your fix here with Tales From The TARDIS #16 featuring stories from the Twelfth, Eleventh and Tenth Doctors all in one Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey comic!

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Tales From The TARDIS #16

In this issue, the Tenth Doctor heads to The Shining Horizon, the last Osiran Mothership, at Anubis’ invitation!

Meanwhile, the Eleventh Doctor faces a paradox of the Time War!

And, lastly, the Twelfth Doctor and Julie D’aubigny investigate the mystery of the Cabinet Noir!

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Tales From The TARDIS Issue 16

Doctor Who: Tales From The TARDIS Issue 16 is on sale now.