Doctor Who at London Heathrow Airport

The Doctor’s trusty time-travelling TARDIS has been spotted in numerous locations across the world – have you seen it? 

In celebration of BBC Worldwide's Doctor Who partnership with London Heathrow, we’ve been giving travellers a model TARDIS, asking them to take a photo of it in far-flung locations, and to share the photo with us.

For those of you not heading off on your holidays through Heathrow, you can download a model TARDIS to print off at home. Just click on the link above and print the PDF on some sturdy paper.

Be sure to tell us where you snapped your pic – the more exotic, dramatic or iconic, the better – and share it online using either our Facebook app or under the hashtag #WhereDoYouWantToGo.

All of space and time - hashtag: where do you want to go?