Sarah Jane Smith

1973-1976, 2006-2011
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Elisabeth Sladen

While investigating the disappearance of scientists from a UNIT facility, feisty journalist Sarah Jane Smith stowed away aboard the Third Doctor’s TARDIS, and was taken to the Middle Ages. After defeating Sontaran Linx, she fought Daleks, photographed a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and advised a queen on how to rule. Following the Third Doctor’s regeneration, she travelled on with the Fourth, visiting the genesis of the Daleks, a planet made of solid gold, and blowing up a rocket designed to release an ancient evil god from his prison on Mars. After being possessed by Eldrad, she told the Doctor that she was “sick of being shot at, savaged by bug-eyed monsters”. As a result of this and a summons form Gallifrey, the Doctor dropped her back on Earth – although not in South Croydon as she wanted. After bumping into the Tenth Doctor at Deffry Vale School and helping defeat the Krillitanes, Sarah began investigating alien incursions from her home on Bannerman Road. Building a family around her, with her adopted son Luke and his friends, she took on Sontarans, Androvax and the Trickster. Never forgotten by the Doctor, her story goes on forever.

  • Call me old girl again and I'll spit in your eye.

  • Don't forget me.

  • I want a bath, I want my hair washed, I just want to feel human again and, boy, am I sick of that sonic screwdriver!

  • There's nothing "only" about being a girl.

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